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Brinell Hardness Testers

9000N Series Automatic Brinell Hardness Testers

The Newage® 9000N Series production tester makes a Brinell impression in conformance with the standard method for Brinell testing as described in ASTM E-10. These testers are typically used in custom applications where Newage Testing Instruments customizes this tester for the customer’s exact testing requirements. The resulting impression may be measured optically to determine the Brinell number. However, the 9000N Series automatically measures the depth of the impression, similar to the Rockwell method. The depth of the indentation method is described in ASTM E103. This technique offers users greater testing speed and reduced operator influence on test results. Like a Rockwell test, the 9000N Series applies a preload and then a major load. The depth of measurement is calculated on the difference between these loads.
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7000 Series Production Brinell Hardness Testers

The Newage® 7000 Series production tester is ideal for high volume Brinell testing applications. The 7000 Series was developed to answer the demand for a high accuracy Brinell tester with a large capacity and long indenter stroke that is suitable for high volume production applications. The 7000 Series is a hydraulically-actuated system that employs a high accuracy load measurement system that complies with ASTM E-10. The load system is closed-loop to ensure precise application of the load with minimal concern for overloading. A hydraulic system ensures smooth load application. A footswitch controller simplifies and speeds the elevating and lowering procedures. The 7000 Series can be supplied with a dedicated single load or with a dual load capability. Dual load models are operated via a personal computer in order to specify the applied load required. Standard capacities are 10” with the elevating screw or 16” without an elevating screw. Larger capacities are optionally available. An 8” throat is ideal for larger specimens.
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NB3010 Series Brinell Hardness Testers

The Newage® NB-3010 is an ideal solution for lab and medium volume Brinell testing applications. This tester is used for determining the Brinell hardness of un-quenched steel, cast iron, nonferrous metals and soft bearing alloys. The NB-3010 measuring range is 8 – 650 HBW using a tungsten carbide ball indenter. The NB-3010 applies precise loads using a deadweight design. A pneumatic cylinder ensures that the load descends smoothly without an impact effect, and that the deadweights return after the test. A 60 psig air regulator using clean, dry air is required. Deadweights are used for applying up to eight different loads from 62.5 kgf to 3000 kgf. The NB-3010 also features a semi-automatic test procedure which is easy for the operator. The operator simply raises the elevating screw until the specimen makes contact with the indenter. At the press of a button, the load is applied and removed after a pre-defined dwell time. Time-at-loads of 12-, 30- and 60-seconds are permitted and each time period has a dedicated pushbutton further simplifying operation.
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KB Series Brinell Hardness Tester

The Newage KB Series is a popular, manually-controlled Brinell hardness tester that meets ASTM E-110. This lightweight, portable tester is ideal for virtually any size or shape of metal specimen. Simply place the specimen between the anvil and test head; manually crank the test head downward onto the specimen; and apply the desired load using the hydraulic lever. Overload protection is standard. The tester applies up to 3000 kg load on a 10mm ball, making a visible indentation that is read using a Brinell scope or our B.O.S.S. system. The calibrated accuracy is better than 0.5% of the applied load.
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Pin Brinell Hardness Testers

The Newage Pin Brinell is the de-facto standard for economical Brinell hardness measurement. This simple-to-use and inexpensive tester can be used across the entire Brinell range (HB100 to HB700). The Pin Brinell applies force to the indenter by the operator using a hammer or a clamping device. The force applied is controlled using a calibrated shear pin. When the load is applied and the force applied reaches the shear pin’s shear limit, the shear pin breaks. The diameter of the resulting indentation can then be read on a Brinell scope, such as our HiLight scope, or for more exacting measurements, on the Newage B.O.S.S. system.
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