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Volumetric Die Cutter

Volumetric Die Cutter

Volumetric Die Cutter for the preparation of samples for MD Rheometer, OD Rheometer and Mooney Viscometer


The use of constant volume samples means it is possible to achieve greater repeatability in the Rheometric and Viscosity tests.
In fact:
- Undersized samples cause imperfect filling
of the test chambers.
- Oversized samples require longer temperature recovery times at the start of the test.

Instrument Characteristics

Gibitre Instruments' constant volume die cutter has an exclusive adjustment system that permits different samples to be obtained for:
- Moving Die Rheometer
- Oscillating Disk Rheometer
- Mooney Viscometer
A puncher, incorporated in the instrument, permits the central hole to be made in the lower sample for the Mooney viscosity test.

Max. force produced
1200 Kg = 12KN (at six bar air pressure)
Samples obtainable
Moving Die Rheometer (7 cm3 ) Oscillating Disk Rheometer (9 cm3 ) Mooney Viscometer (12 cm3 )
Safety devices
The instrument is in compliance with EU safety requirements
Compressed air line pressure
6 bar (min.)
Compressed air consumption
Approx.14 NL/cycle
Instrument overall dimensions
(Depth x Width x Height) 360 x 400 x 960 mm
Instrument weight
80 Kg

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