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Manual Die Cutting

Manual Die Cutting

Manual Die Cutting for preparing specimens for laboratory testing

Instrument characteristics

Solid machine for preparing samples provided with rotating cutter holding system. 
One or more (up to 4) cutter holders with independent cutter vertical position regulation can be installed.
The cutter to be used can be quickly selected by rotating the cutter holding system.
The possibility to regulate in advance the vertical position of the single cutter and the rapid method of change facilitate operations and ensures improved repeatability in preparing the specimens.


Gibitre Instruments provides cutters for preparing samples according to international standards or in compliance with specific customer requirements.

Manual cutting of samples for laboratory tests (tension, tear, Brittleness test and TR test, etc.)
Max working force
2000 Kg =  20KN
Max number of die cutters
4 die cutters simultaneously on the die cutting apparatus (using the optional cutter holders).
Type of die cutters applicable
Standards ASTM, DIN, ISO, UNI, AFNOR, etc.
Dimensions of instrument
(Width x Depth x Height) 320 x 500 x 600 mm
61 Kg
Standard Codol
Ø 25 x H 20 mm (other codols available on request)

Use of cutters with different codols

Most cutters produced for different cutting machines can be used with Gibitre Multi die cutting machine. Adaptors for cutters with different codols are available

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