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Permeation Tests

8200 Oxygen Permeation Analyser

Ideal for oxygen permeation testing of containers, canisters, pouches, bags, closures and more. This two station analyzer is the economical solution. It incorporates the reliability and wide measurement range of our leading permeation instruments but is designed to be cost effective. The removable adapters offer a range of testing methods and can even be tailored to a specific requirement.
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Lyssy L80-5000 - Water Vapour Permeability Tester

The L80-5000 analyzers have been used successfully for decades in many laboratories. Simple to use with a reliable testing principle and low maintenance this instrument is a cost effective solution. The Lyssy L80 can measure high permeability materials using special sample cards. It is extremely quick and the more permeable the sample the shorter the measuring time. In addition to its short testing times and wide measurement range, it offers a high degree of accuracy.
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8700 & 8701 Ideal for flexible testing of different packaging types Pet food pouches Cereal packages Pharmaceutical packaging Trays Complete packaging Barrier films Fruit juice containers PET bottles Features & Benefits Conforms to: ASTM D-3985 F-

The 8700 with fixed platens is ideal for rapid permeation testing of multiple bottles in PET bottle manufacturing and as an invaluable R&D resource in laboratories for development work to test and validate new packages. In addition, this analyzer can be used for Quality Control, to confirm the performance and standard of the packaging. With ultra fast testing using Systech Illinois' Turbopurgeā„¢ technology this oxygen permeability tester can efficiently test up to 11 samples (expandable to 66) simultaneously in as little as 3 hours.
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Modular systems for precision oxygen analysis of packaging film barriers.

The 8001 is a versatile and easy to operate oxygen permeation analyzer with 2 stations for testing films or packages. Offering the highest quality coulometric oxygen sensor in the market with the lowest replacement cost, this instrument provides extremely fast purge down times and accurate readings at the lowest levels. With widest measurement range in the market, this analyzer can be used for research and development permeation testing and has the speed required for use in Quality Control testing.
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8501 Oxygen Permeation Analyser

Laboratory quality analysis of packaging film barriers in a simple to use benchtop system. This precision oxygen permeation analyzer combines trace oxygen sensitivity, dependability and exceptional ease of use in a compact, single chamber.
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Modular systems for precision water vapour analysis of packaging film barriers

The 7000 water vapor analyzer range utilises the sensitive and stable P2O5 sensor for absolute moisture measurement. These water vapor analyzers offer a wide measurement range of 0.002-1000 g/mĀ²/day and precision temperature, humidity and flow control. Providing accurate and repeatable results for research and development testing of water transmission rate (wvtr) in both current and newly formulated packaging film materials and fast testing for Quality Control.
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Lyssy L100-5000 - Manometric gas permeability tester

Typical gases measured include air, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and helium. This instrument utilizes the manometric principle one of the most recognised gas permeability testing methods - pressure change via gas transmission through films.
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PermMate - Oxygen Permeation Analysis for packages, bottles and film

The PermMate utilizes a patented method of oxygen permeation analysis of sealed packages. The permeability and the barrier qualities of a foil changes when it is shaped into a finished package and as a result the shelf life of the food products can be affected. Therefore, it is important that the package is tested at this stage.
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DualPerm combined OTR and WVTR

The DualPerm combined OTR and WVTR station offers substantial cost and space savings.

The DualPerm is a combination package offering substantial cost savings compared to the purchase of two separate permeation analysers. This package allows the sharing of one computer/tablet interface and results, saving time and space on the work bench. Utilising a shared nitrogen source it will save on running and cylinder rental costs. Also, installation costs are reduced by setting up the system all at the same time.
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