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Fluke 170 Series True-rms Digital Multimeter

Fluke 170 Series True-rms Digital Multimeter Extended Specifications

Model Differences (all other specifications are the same for each model)

Feature Model
175 177 179
Backlight ••
Temperature Measurement •
Basic dc voltage accuracy
0.15% 0.09% 0.09%

Nominal Specifications
Function Absolute Range or Description

Temperature Measurement1997
Basic dc voltage accurac0.15%0.09%

FeatureAbsolute RangeAbsolute Range or Description or Description
AC Voltage, True-rms0.1 mV to 1000V (1 kHz)
DC Voltage0.1 mV to 1000V
ContinuityBeeper guaranteed on < 25 Ω, guaranteed off > 250 Ω; detects opens or shorts of 250 µs or longer.
Diode Testto 50.00 M
AC Current, True-rms1 nF to 9999 uF
DC Current0.01 mA to 10.00A (20.00 A over-range for 30 seconds)
Frequency2 Hz to 50 kHz
Temperature (179 Only)-40 ºC to +400 ºC; -40 ºF to +752 ºF
Basic dc voltage accuracy
0.15% (175)
0.09% (177 & 179)
Basic ac voltage accuracy1.0%
Digital 6000 counts, updates 4 x second
Analog Bargraph Display33 segments, updates 40 x second
Backlight (177 & 179 only)Automatically turns off after 2 minutes to save battery life The timeout feature can be disabled with a power-up option
HOLD & Auto HOLDHOLD: freezes the display at the push of a button Auto HOLD: Display holds present reading until it detects new stable input, then the meter beeps and displays new reading
MIN MAX AVGMinimum, maximum, and average reading memory
Manual or auto rangingIn auto range, the meter selects the range with the best resolution for the present measurement valu
Fast continuity/open detection The beeper sounds with a stretched pulse for opens or shorts as brief as 250 µ s
Test lead alert The message "LEAd” appears briefly on the display when the rotary switch is moved to or from any A (Amps) position
Power-up options 1) Turn on all LCD segments, (2) Disable beeper, (3) Disable sleep mode, (4) Enable smoothing, (5) Disable backlight timeout (Models 177 & 179 only)
Closed-case calibration No internal adjustments needed
Probe holders The instrument comes with built-in probe holders for probe storage and for convenience when making measurements
Battery access door Battery replacement without voiding calibration
High-impact overmold case Integrated overmolded protection provides superior impact protection for your meter Nominal Specifications

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